Alternative TitleEffect of additives on the quality of Asparagus officinalis stem leaf silage
郭海明;  朱雯;  张勇;  黄文明;  焦阳;  叶均安
Abstract本研究旨在探讨不同添加剂对青贮芦笋茎叶品质的影响。试验在芦笋茎叶鲜样中分别添加乳酸菌、乳酸菌+纤维素酶、乳酸菌+米糠和乳酸菌+纤维素酶+米糠进行青贮调制,乳酸菌、纤维素酶和米糠的添加剂量分别为5×105 cfu/g、0.6 IU/g、30 mg/g,贮存90 d后开包。综合评定芦笋茎叶的青贮质量,测定常规营养成分,浸提液的pH值、氨态氮和有机酸的含量。试验结果表明,与对照组相比,添加乳酸菌提高了乙酸的含量、降低了有氧损失(P<0.05),提高了芦笋青贮料的有氧稳定性;在添加乳酸菌基础上,同时添加米糠和纤维素酶有降低青贮品质的趋势。仅添加乳酸菌即可获得优质芦笋茎叶青贮料。
Other AbstractThe objective of this study was to investigate the effects of different additives on the quality of Asparagus officinalis silage (stem and leaf). Lactobacillus;lactobacillus+cellulose;lactobacillus+rice bran and lactobacillus+cellulose+rice bran were added to silage; the concentration of lactobacillus;cellulose and rice bran were 5×105 cfu/g;0.6 IU/g;30 mg/g of fresh weight respectively. After being ensiled for 90 days;the quality of A. officinalis stem leaf silage was assessed. The chemical composition;pH;NH3-N and organic acid content of fermented juice were analysed. The data showed that;compared with the control group;the addition of lactobacillus increased the acetic acid content;reduced aerobic deterioration (P<0.05) and improved the aerobic stability. Lactobacillus with rice bran and cellulose tended to lower the quality of A. officinalis stem leaf silage. The results demonstrated that high quality A. officinalis stem leaf silage can be obtained with addition of lactobacillus only.
Keyword青贮 芦笋茎叶 乳酸菌 米糠 纤维素酶 silage Asparagus officinalis stem leaf lactobacillus rice bran cellulose
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郭海明;朱雯;张勇;黄文明;焦阳;叶均安. 青贮添加剂对芦笋茎叶青贮品质的影响[J],2018,25(5):134.
APA 郭海明;朱雯;张勇;黄文明;焦阳;叶均安.(2018).青贮添加剂对芦笋茎叶青贮品质的影响.,25(5),134.
MLA 郭海明;朱雯;张勇;黄文明;焦阳;叶均安."青贮添加剂对芦笋茎叶青贮品质的影响".25.5(2018):134.
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